"AWE Award" Ceremony

AWE2020 as well as its concurrent activities has been postponed for a year due to the pandemic. Currently, AWE2021 and its concurrent activities are under planning. Please stay tuned! (The following are activities from AWE2019)

AWE2019 Appliance Award was held in the morning on March 16, 2019. It is universally acknowledged that if AWE is the crown of the appliance industry, then Appliance Award is the pearl on it.


As the highest honor of the year in the home appliance and consumer electronics industry, Appliance Award selects 8 outstanding gold-award winners after several rounds of strict screening, and they are: Midea air-conditioner KFR-72LW/BP3DN8Y-DF100, Bosch dishwasher SJV68IX06C, Haier French refrigerator BCD-503WDCUU1, LG 8K OLED TV OLED88Z9, Samsung 8K QLED QA75Q900RBJXXZ, A.O.Smith water purifier R2000RA3, Casarte washing machine & dryer C9 HB13/17U1, and Panasonic ALPHA washing machine XQG100-P1DL.


Jiang Feng, President of China Household Electronic Appliance Association (CHEAA), presented the Gold Award to the enterprises


Remarkable recognization of artisan spirit

Since its establishment, the influence of Appliance Award of CHEAA has been radiated from the professional field to surrounding areas. Some managers of listed appliance companies once said that those who win the award will harvest jumping share price, while partial professional users also consider whether the target products are Appliance Award winner when they make purchasing. Take the 2019 WOM Award as an example, during its voting on JD platform, 300,000 people are involved within 10 hours, causing network congestion.


The popularity can be explained by that Appliance Award sponsored by AWE organizing committee is the most credible assessment of products in the appliance industry. It is committed to rewarding distinctive enterprises leading in technological innovation, to capturing the latest development trends and design fashion around the globe, to advocating consumption concepts featuring low carbon, environmental protection and cognition of new technologies. Finally, it can promote the upgrading and sound growth of China appliance-manufacturing to set a higher standard for product innovation.


When Jiang Feng reviewed the evolution of Appliance in her speech, she said: “Appliance Award was established in 2011 when China’s household appliances industry was powerful in manufacturing after many years of efforts, and began to seek transformation and structural adjustment due to its problems of low products and poor innovation. Accordingly, CHEAA issued the “12th five-year plan” proposal where we clearly proposed that China’s appliance industry should basically establish a development model relying on technological innovation and creative management. But as a strong appliance manufacturer, China still lacked a suitable award in the field, that’s why we had Appliance Award. It aims to guide and encourage enterprises to walk towards intelligence, energy-saving and green by transform from generating low-end products to high-end products through independent innovation.”


Jiang Feng gives an address

Appliance Award has gone through 9 years, becoming the most credible appliance award, which can be proven with two reasons. First, the participating enterprises and products have been increasing. When domestic brands show unprecedented enthusiasm for declaration, foreign brands also reveal higher enthusiasm. Second, participating products have higher quality than those in previous years. No matter in exquisite appearance, delicate materials, humanized design, technical content, intelligent level and user experience, the candidate products make leap progress in recent years. Therefore, it’s fair to say that all Appliance winners are flagships.

Fair selection for veritable winners

In this year, over 500 products are screened out from more than 30,000 exhibits, and only 200 items among the 500 pass the preliminary evaluation. The more intense the competition becomes, the more rigorous the judging process turns into. In the preliminary evaluation and dozens of reevaluations, experts stick to fairness and excellence to ensure that all picked deserve the title.


 The shortlisted products are subject to comments at any time during the exhibition

According to Wang Lei, Vice President of CHEAA, “high-level and wide coverage” are the characteristics of Appliance Award winners who represent the highest technology level and the most fashionable design in this field this year. Domestic and foreign appliance enterprises tend to value this Award, which can be reflected in the award declaration. And the declared are the quality products that represent the highest technical level of enterprises after repeated selection.

Jiang Feng deems that strict evaluation, professional judges and many years of growth and accumulation contribute to the recognized reputation and influence of Appliance Award in the industry and market. As the highest honor for enterprises, The Award will direct the development trend in the industry and the coolest intelligent lifestyle.

Complete categories and best products

Nowadays, the popularity of AWE Appliance Award has been extended from the field of household appliances to the surrounding areas, which endows the Award with more connotation and responsibility, so Appliance Award has to live up to that mission.


It is reported that the 2019 Appliance Award covers 16 major categories and 65 small classes including white goods, televisions, kitchen and bathroom appliance, household appliances, cleaning appliances, environment and health appliances, intelligent and digital appliances. From these products, Appliance Award grants seven professional awards such as gold award, innovation award, design award, green award, product award, core chip award and innovative intelligence award, and a WOM award decided through online voting. The voting was again conducted on JD platform where 3000,000 consumers vote and there were 20 companies bringing WOM Award home. These products winning professional awards or the WOM award undoubtedly represent the highest technological level and the most fashionable design in the field of household appliances and consumer electronics this year.


At the end of the award presentation ceremony, Henninh Rieseler, design director of Porsche studio Berlin, said that tradition-breaking design is the core concept behind success. How to design well? In his opinion, first of all, focus on the product function. The design should start from the most important function of the product and develop creative solutions. Second, aesthetics is also a prominent element. Pure, honest design triggers an aesthetic revolution. Above all, high-end materials should be combined with intelligent manufacturing to benefit users. To make it clear, he enumerates Porsche 911, kitchen electricity, watches and other classic products to deliver the classic design aesthetics to the audience.


Henninh Rieseler


A better life with innovation-driven AI 

The theme of AWE2019 is “intelligent life on AI”. Audiences experience various smart products and future smart life scenes at AWE. With the further development of IoT, big data, AI, and the commercialization of 5G communication, we will soon enter the era of smart family. In her speech, Jiang Feng mentioned that this year, many award-winning products are the latest achievements of deep integration of cutting-edge technologies such as AI, mobile Internet, IoT, cloud computing and big data with the home appliances and consumer electronics industries. These innovative products not only reflect the development trend of industrial technologies, but also bring people a better intelligent life experience and new smart lifestyle through the application of AI, big data, biometrics and other intelligent technologies. Moreover, many award-winning products also adopt numerous digital design methods including digital twinning, digital simulation, big data, and AI, showing their strong R&D and innovation ability.


Jiang also mentioned that currently, China’s home appliance industry has climbed to a higher starting point where innovation is giving this industry more room to upgrade, and also inspiring enterprises to have stronger innovation passion and momentum, which will provide new driving force for its quality development. We believe that with the continuous enhancement of enterprise innovation and the further integration of the industry with the new generation of information technology, there will be more  innovative products and quality products, depicting a better, brighter life for people. As always, Appliance Award will select the best products for the industry and consumers.