Integrated stove:A new favorite market segment

Integrated stoveA new favorite market segment


Nowadays, our life quality has been improved and consumption value has changed, which promote that more and more family start to pursue “quality kitchen” instead of the “economical kitchen”. As a new star in the kitchen appliances, integrated stoves whose advantage is to serve different cooking demands with one single machine enter people’s life and grow into trendsetter in the field. So, what are the latest technologies for the current integrated stoves? Which products are most popular with consumers? What prospect will it have? Answers to the above questions can be given at the AWE2020.




After more than 10 years of rapid development, kitchen appliance industry stepped into a new era where the growth rate shifts, and the development model transforms from previous scale competition to modern quality competition and structure competition. Innovation, change, and looking for new growth points have become the main pursuit of market development at this new stage. Among them,kitchen appliances with multifunctional integration, intelligence and contextualization are becoming the new blue ocean and creating new opportunities to the industry.


From the growth rate of the past five years, the retail volume of integrated stove market grows 32% annually, and retail sales reaches an annual growth of 35%, which means that the integrated kitchen industry maintains the rising momentum of average prices while it expands its scale in recent years. It is universally said that this phenomenon not only demonstrates the development trend of traditional kitchen appliances but also is a manifestation of consumption upgrading in this subdivision. The thriving of integrated stoves plays an active role in promoting the development  of kitchen electric industry.


At AWE2019 we saw a large number of new products of integrated stoves brought by professional manufacturers and traditional kitchen appliance giants, such as Meida, Aotin, Oulin, Sanfer, Best, Aux and Sacon. These new products and technologies give some insights and guidance to related enterprises who desires to grab bigger market share. For the upcoming AWE2020, the platform and the enterprises will work jointly to increase the demonstration of integrated kitchen contextualization. Consumers and integrated stove manufacturers are looking forward to it.




The kitchen appliance hall will expand to include one more pavilion at AWE2020, which boasting a surge in the number of exhibitors. Take the participants from the filed of integrated stove as an example. A crop of enterprises will show up at AWE2020 with their latest products and innovative technologies. These enterprises are composed by professional manufacturers of integrated stove, such as Meida, Sanfer, Entive, Aotin, Marssenger, and Oulin, and kitchen appliance representatives like Fotile, Aux, Robam and Sacon.


Meida designs a downward system of fume discharge which subvert of the previous direction of upward release, rooting out the problem of lampblack escape. This system has successfully solved the difficulty of kitchen fume pollution by absorbing more than 99.6% of oil fume. At AWE2019, Meida has introduced its star product—Feilong steamer to the audience, and at that moment, countless audience linger around its booth, discussing about it. This product is equipped with various functions including but not limited to range hood, gas stove, steamer and oven, so it could meet diverse demands of a modern family for cooking, stewing, steaming and clearing.


The intelligent master (M2) of Aotin is a integrated stove combining the function of  the range hood, gas stove, steam box, oven and shelving table. The maximum wind pressure is up to 560pa, and the air volume can reach more than 17 per minute. Considering that the external is made up by toughened glass panels and a steel table on which no fingerprint can leave, oil stains can all be cleaned with one wipe. M2 enables you to live a simpler life at a broader room and to feel the charm of technology. Based on this year’s successful appearance at AWE, Aotin acclaimed that it will stick to innovation and development, and continue to, through AWE, create a kitchen appliances “Eden” for hundreds of millions of consumers in the future.


With a long history of 25 years, Oulin also has a fruitful yield in the field of integrated stove. By integrating aesthetic originality, streamline design, Oulin’s stove owns  fashionable and concise exterior, which leaves a deep impression on consumers. Its new Europe aesthetic conveys the appeal of elegance, which is popular among the youth. The new product unveiled on AWE this year has perfectly integrated steaming and baking in a 4D form, realizing that water vapor is released to humidify at the same time while baking, so as to avoid the water vapor in food being dried and scorched by high temperature, and customize delicious taste. According to Oulin’s  person in charge, “ That we display our new products at AWE is a signal that all of these products will hit the market. In the future, we will still maintain the same pace to release products and provide users with more types of cooking experience, making kitchen life easier, healthier and more worry-saving.


At AWE2020, Sanfer’s exhibits like the browning and steaming cooker and the D.C. machine also gained a mass of thumbs-up. Zhu Yifeng, the marketing director of Sanfer said that in terms of product, we will develop customized transformation with the vision of incorporating a whole set of cabinets. In this way, we can not only achieve a smokeless kitchen, but also realize simple transformation. He added, “AWE2019 is a gorgeous brand feast, and on behalf of the integrated kitchen industry, Sanfer has shown the characteristics of products from our field. In the future we will continue to cooperate with AWE to further present the full range of Sanfer to audiences and to the world.


Aux who is famous for its white goods like air-conditioner also showcased its new products of integrated kitchen. The stunning appearance of Aux integrated stove amazed all the present. In particular, on the day of Food Festival, Aux steamed many kinds of delicious, nutritious and healthy food for the audiences with that stove, and those people said that these delicacies leave them endless aftertaste.




At AWE2020, Food Festival will also be celebrated but with higher specifications and more delicacies. What will these integrated kitchen enterprises do to realize their ultimate pursuit for steaming, toasting, frying and cooking? Let’s see what’s going to happen on the spot. We’re waiting for you.