Meijing Media joins AWE2020 to hold the first Beauty Festival

Meijing Media joins AWE2020 to hold the first Beauty Festival

Since this year witnesses the ballooning field of beauty & personal-care products, AWE will hold the Beauty Festival for the first time. In order to promote this festival, AWE develops cooperative partnership with Meijing Media. This cooperation will further strengthen the brand penetration and transformation of AWE among consumers and intensify its impact on high-end consumption.


Meijing is a professional intelligent mirror with high-definition, and through the built-in mirror display, users can get access to news, magazines, TV, movies, micro blogs, and local information. This mirror has been widely used at various places, such as hair salons, wedding photography studios, clothing stores, tea houses, jewelry stores, and dressing rooms at stage theatre. Now, numerous high-end salons in the first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou have equipped with this type of mirror.



This time, Meijing Media will pose ads about AWE on more than 5000 screens at over 1500 stores, covering 80% of mid- and high-end hair salons in Shanghai.


                                                                        Ads release points of Meijing Media at Shanghai


AWE2020 is still four months away, but preparations have been under way for months. Especially, the organizer have made every effort to guarantee the success of the first Beauty Festival. We believe that under the help of Meijing Media, the first AWE Beauty Festival will be a complete success.