Notice on the application work of AWE2020 Appliance Awards

Notice on the application work of AWE2020 Appliance Awards

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The declaration work of AWE2020 Appliance Awards is now officially launched. Award winners are representative products with the highest level of science and technology and the most fashionable design in the household appliances and consumer electronics field. This Award not only represents the innovation achievements and glory of this industry in the past year, but also shoulders the mission of leading the progress and upgrading of the industry. Since home appliances and consumer electronics industry further integrates with the Internet of things, big data, artificial intelligence, and block chains, more and more cross-border innovative products are constantly emerging in recent years. Known  as Oscar in the field of global intelligence, Appliance has become the most credible the most credible assessment of products in this industry.


In order to improve the accuracy and efficiency of product review, the organizer has modified the assessment standards and application rules for 2020 in accordance with the principle of fairness, equality and openness. AWE2020 Appliance Award Selection Methods (annex 1) and AWE2020 Appliance Award Application Rules (annex 2) have made more reasonable adjustments to the previous requirements. We hereby notify the following matters concerning the declaration in 2020:


Important time nodes


Application date: October 30, 2019 - December 31, 2019

Announcement of shortlist: January 17, 2020

Mail date of products for physical review : January 18-february 12, 2020

Physical review sent back: February 25-28, 2020

On-site review: March 10, 2020

Online public review: 0:00 on March 1, 2020 -- 14:00 on March 11, 2020 (tentative)

Appliance Award ceremony: March 12, 2020 9:30-12:00


Basic requirements for declaration


1. The declared enterprises must be the exhibitors of AWE2020, and the declared products must be the exhibits.


2. The declared products must meet the relevant standards, have independent intellectual property rights, without any intellectual property disputes. Otherwise, the products will be disqualified.


3. The applicant shall register with the exhibitor as the main body, and the subsidiary company of the enterprise shall not register separately. In the declaration, the product shall be declared according to the company (subordinate) to which it belongs. When the organizer announces the list of finalists and winners, the company (subordinate) to which the product in the declaration belongs shall prevail.


4. All applicants need to log in AWE Appliance Awards declaration system (http://apl.awe.com.cn) to declare products with the guidance of the user manual (visit http://apl.awe.com.cn to get the latest version).


5. There is no need to apply for the Appliance Gold Award. This award will be selected from the shortlisted products by the working group of experts.


6. The products must belong to household appliances, consumer electronics, intelligent hardware products, or accessories, new materials, software and system solutions supporting the above products.


Declaration Contents


On the basis of years of review experience and in combination with the current product development, important adjustments have been made in the award setting and quantity limitation as follows:


  1. Adjustment of award setting


Award Name

Award Description

Professional Evaluation

AWE Gold Awards

The most leading, innovative, high-end and fashionable top products of the year.

Innovation Awards

Products featuring the application of new technology, materials, and process; design optimization and user experience improvement; outstanding performance; significant technological innovation .

Design Awards

Fashionable products with innovation  in  the aspects  of structural design, appearance design and human-computer interaction design

Product Awards

Products with the best performance in subdivided categories; the most worthy products for consumers

Core products

Accessories and materials making outstanding contributions to machines in respects of performance, technologies and functions

Intelligence Technology Awards

Intelligent products, hardware, software and system solutions that have made great breakthroughs in intelligence

Consumer Evaluation


The most popular and favorite products selected by consumers


Quantity Adjustment


1) when applying for professional evaluation awards, the number of products should meet the following requirements:


a) The number of products to be declared shall not be higher than 150% of the number of products to be declared in the last year for the exhibitors who were shortlisted or won the prize; exhibitors whose products did not shortlist last year can only declare one product.


b) New exhibitors (referring to those who have not participated in the exhibition in the past two years) can apply for one product per category, with the total amount of no more than three. The AWE organizing committee will define the specific products included in the product category in the application rules (annex 2).

c) On the premise of meeting article a and article b, the Professional Evaluation Awards shall adopt the principle that each brand and each product can only apply for one award, and that the same product which meet the declaration standards of both Professional Evaluation and Consumer Evaluation can apply for two categories of Appliance Awards.

2) when applying for Consumer Evaluation awards, the applicant shall apply for no more than one product per category, and the total number of products shall not exceed four.


3. AWE Design Awards and Intelligent Technology Awards accept the declaration of the same brand suite of products.


4. All application materials shall be submitted through http://apl.awe.com.cn, and there is no need to mail paper materials.


Deadline for application


The application deadline is December 31, 2019. At that time, the system will officially shut down the function of registration and modification of declaration information. In case of special circumstances, the applicant shall email or call the organizing committee for manual operation before January 4, 2020.

Contact: Li Xiaoxi, tel: 010-67158612.


Arrangement of preliminary examination


From the beginning of January, 2020, China Household Electrical Appliances Association (CHEAA) will organize a panel of experts to conduct preliminary evaluation on all of the products applying for professional awards according to the basis standards. A list of qualified products for professional evaluation will be determined after the panel discussion. As for products applying for WOM Awards, no shortlist will be published.


Finalist Announcement


All shortlists will be simultaneously published on the official websites of CHEAA (www.cheaa.org)and AWE official website (www.awe.com.cn) and their WeChat official accounts in mid to late January 2020.


Review Arrangements


1. Professional Evaluation Awards:

All shortlisted products in this group will be reviewed in three ways:

(1) Review of emailed products: some shortlisted will be reviewed at Beijing before the expo. Products required to be reviewed at Beijing and time limit will be clearly marked in the shortlist notification. Those mentioned enterprises in the notification must email the physical products to the specified address of CHEAA within the specified time, then the expert group will score the physical products. Upon completion of the review, the association will return the reviewed products to the enterprises as required. During the exhibition, experts will be organized to check the consistency between the exhibits and the winning products.

(2) On-site Review: The re-evaluation of the shortlisted large products shall be conducted during the exhibition. Experts will be gathered by the organizing committee of CHEAA to review those products at their booths.

(3) Document Review: This form is applicable to compressors, motors and other components. During the exhibition, experts will check the consistency between the exhibits and the winning products.

2. Consumer Evaluation Awards: 

The shortlist will be published at the special section of “Appliance WOM” set up by JD.com and products can be voted by the public on March 1, 2020. The official websites of “JD.COM” and AWE as well as some well-known media websites will set up voting entries. The voting entrance will be closed at 14:00 on March 11, 2020.

Awards Announcement

The final results will be announced and the award ceremony will be held on March 12, 2020

Consultation about declaration

Contact person: Li Xiaoxi

Tel: 010 -- 67158612


Annex 1: AWE2020 Appliance Award Selection Methods

Annex 2: AWE2020 Appliance Award Application Rules