AWE2020 Kitchen Ecology: Art Behind the Scenes First Presented On Stage

AWE2020 Kitchen Ecology: Art Behind the Scenes First Presented On Stage


It is universally understood that kitchen electronics are not just daily necessities but also consumables that satisfy people’s demands for diversification and quality.  Likewise, kitchen is also given more meanings. For example, kitchen is the carrier of our feelings or that it is “the center of a home”. This kind of kitchen culture that rises gradually brings backstage kitchen furniture and appliances to the limelight. Under the mutual influence of cupboards and kitchen appliances, the concept of “integral kitchen” is taken more seriously goes viral, and latest achievements of enterprises in this industry shown at previous expos can provide you an early glimpse.



“On the journey of pursuing a better life, only technology and food are what should be lived up to.” AWE2020 themed “Future of Intelligence Competition” is ready for a new setout. What is worth mentioning is that the kitchen appliance hall is expanded to include one more pavilion on the basis of AWE2019. Therefore, you could imagine how grand the expo will be and start expecting the more fabulous “kitchen food festival”.


Being an important factor of contemporary household furniture, “integral cabinet” satisfies our pursuit of fashionable, comfortable kitchen life. As China’s opening-up and reform deepens and market economy and urbanization soar nowadays, integral cabinet industry is also thriving, growing into one of the sunrise industry with a huge  market, while kitchen is evolving into a space carrying our feelings related to our home life. At AWE2020, the eye-catching display of kitchen appliance enterprises will be one highlight, while the latest cabinets, the dominating part of kitchen, will be another one because the cabinet is always a appealing and unique landscape in the kitchen electronics hall.


Nobilia, a leading cabinet manufacturer in Germany and even the whole Europe, had its first appearance in AWE 2019 and received unanimous praise. Its spokesman mentioned that he was also surprised. “ It’s our first time to participate in AWE, just like Junker and we have established strategic cooperation in China, drawing widespread attention in the industry. Moreover, the demonstration of smart closets also has an exciting effect.


The success of the previous exhibition and the high recognition of AWE make it possible for Nobilia to attend AWE2020. Nobilia is full of confidence and ready for the new session, promising to establish more exquisite modern kitchens for more Chinese families, and will continue to take the opportunity to comprehensively accelerate its development at the Chinese market.


In addition to German Nobilia, Golden Home, the leading Chinese cabinet enterprise, will have its debut on AWE2020. The later pays special attention to its first appearance on this platform,  which can be seen from its broad display area of more than 400 square meters and various intelligent single products and intelligent showroom.



Yading 3, a smart model room created by Golden Home, covers 8 smart contexts such as smart porch, smart kitchen, smart dining room, smart living room, smart bathroom, smart bedroom, smart children’s room and smart balcony, which can perfectly realize the three ultimate interaction modes at home, namely, voice interaction, device linkage and non-inductive interaction. By integrating washing area, operation desk, cooking area, and built-in electrical cabinets, Yading 3 achieves clear space division, adequate functional configuration, and seamless generatrix. Meanwhile, it promises to provide users with simpler, more practical kitchens with higher quality through rich and powerful functions.


“Charm Hall” and “City of Infinite Imagination” will debut during March 11~14, 2020, where your expectation for natural beauty can be satisfied and you can foresee how future home and city look like with the help of more intelligent and futuristic products and technologies. Except for the technology feast, another star is our kitchen appliance hall. In this hall, you could find all cabinet we have mentioned and tens of thousands new kitchen appliances.  



At AWE 2019, various innovative products and kitchen contexts from different enterprises were displayed in three pavilions. The large number of participating enterprises, the variety and creativity of products catch the eyes of media at home and abroad and the mass audience. Additionally, the grand “kitchen food festival” evolved into a carnival for the foodie, indulging in the enjoyment and pleasure.



Siemens, Bosch, Panasonic, AEG, A.O. Smith, Fotile, Robam, Vatti, Nobilia, Wanjiale, Vanward, Miji, Joyang, Supor, Viomi, Sacon, Meida, Xunda and other kitchen appliance brands all appeared in AWE2019 with their latest product technology to show their innovative solutions for the future smart kitchen context. But this year, they are joined by AMK group consisting of Schott, Kesseboehmer, Hettich, Nolte, MHK, Carat, Dein Konfigurator, Naber, Ninka, vauth-sagel, Designo and other brands. Like other special zones, the exclusive German kitchen displaying area is also shining.  These brands with well-established craftsmanship and quality now join the efforts of the leader of intelligent life—AWE to redefine the concept of high-end kitchen appliances.



On the spot of AWE2019, we always thought we have witnessed the extreme imagination about food, kitchen and smart home. But! Yeah but! Theupcoming AWE2020 will go further beyond the limit, adding one more exhibition hall to the original scale, and the number of exhibitors will also balloon. Besides the above brands, Euroidea, Liebherr and other international prominent brands will show up at AWE to present their high-end charm and fuel the technology momentum.  


Food Festival will also be celebrated at AWE 2020, with upgrading specifications and more delicious dishes. All kitchen electricity companies will show their different skills by cooking food with their new kitchen appliances. In this way, audiences can better appreciate the technology feast to the eyes while tasting the delicacies.