Golden Home having its debut at AWE 2020

Golden Home having its debut at AWE 2020


Appliance & Electronics World Expo (AWE) as one of the world’s three major electronic technology events, is grandly held every year in Shanghai New International Expo Center, bringing countless leading brands together. In recent years, with the consumption upgrading and the soaring of the kitchen appliance industry, more and more related enterprises pay higher attention to AWE and their display scales are gradually extended.


AWE 2020 kitchen appliance pavilion will expand to three pavilions (30,000 square meters), providing exclusive high-end exhibition area for all kitchen electric enterprises. Since it’s the debut for Golden Home at AWE, it gives high value to the first appearance, which can be seen from its broad display area of more than 400 square meters and various intelligent single products and intelligent showroom


Yading 3, a smart model room, covers 8 smart contexts such as smart porch, smart kitchen, smart dining room, smart living room, smart bathroom, smart bedroom, smart children’s room and smart balcony, which can perfectly realize the three ultimate interaction modes at home, namely, voice interaction, device linkage and non-inductive interaction.


  • Smart Home system


1. Smart living room


In order to guarantee user security at any time, Golden Home setups intelligent modules in the living room. These modules can achieve automatic over-limit alarm when there is a break-in, and support remote control of doors and windows through intelligent sensors. In addition, Golden Home has also built an intelligent lighting system which supports light up, luminance adjustment and lighting suit for various scenes with one click, enriching our lives and saving energy at the same time. For example, when you’re moving toward the kitchen, the infrared detector installed in the kitchen can detect your movement and automatically turn on the kitchen headlights. At night when you wake up and walk out your bedroom, the body infrared induction installed in the bedroom and bathroom can lit up lights to guide the road based on your motion trail.


When you sit on the sofa with your family after dinner, if you say “ Zhi Xiaojin, I want to watch a movie”, the lights in the living room will automatically dim, and curtains will automatically close, while your TV will be spontaneously turned on. Only a voice message can bring an intelligent home theater to you.


2. Smart bathroom


Bathroom can be your health guardian because Golden Home prepared an intelligent mirror in the bathroom to control other intelligent devices. As long as it is accessed to a body fat scale, then you can get your real-time health information. Furthermore, you can download numerous APPs to the mirror, which will be transformed into a media player where you could find on-line makeup-teaching videos and others. With the magic mirror, you will be the most attractive person.


  • Intelligent Kitchen Ecosystem


The goal of smart kitchen is to free your hands and improve cooking efficiency. The Yading 3 intelligence kitchen featuring simple and space-saving design realize the integration of a dining room and a kitchen. Supported by the three powerful functions of APP control, voice interaction and interconnection, Golden Home constructs an overall intelligent kitchen ecosystem for you.



1. Zhi Xiaojin - intelligent speaker


Zhi Xiaojin can awaken kitchen appliances. As an intelligent speaker equipped with voice control, Zhi Xiaojin could facilitate your life by reducing many manual operations. For instance, it can control the kitchen range hood, oven, steam box, wine cabinet, drinking fountain, dishwasher and so on.


The new generation of MALIO intelligent products can connect with the smart speaker, so you can voice-control appliances in respects of turn-on and turn-off, menu access, function selection, and light switch. As a result, these obedient appliances would free you from manual work. Even in a noisy party, Zhi Xiaojin won’t let you down because it remains to be effective in recognizing orders, and continue to serve as a well-trained senior housekeeper.


2. Intelligent Drinking Fountain, the one who can meet your various needs for water with different temperature to make tea, coffee, or milk.


  1. Smart Oven


Intelligent oven can be awakened through a voice dialogue with Zhi Xiaojin. If you say: “Zhi Xiaojin, roast fish mode” or “Zhi Xiaojin, roast duck mode” , the oven will follow your order and cook it for you. The cooking process will no longer be exhausting and tiresome but pleasing and enjoyable.



  1. Zhi Xiaojin APP


Zhi Xiaojin APP, as the general entrance to the interaction of Golden Home’s smart life, enables you to control all kinds of kitchen appliances with your mobile terminals. The APP provides considerable convenient services including access binding of kitchen appliances, intelligent control, status query, information interaction, scene linkage, remote monitoring, as well as failure warning, after-sales direct contact, online store, and ecological services.



5. Smart Dishwasher


Controlled by Zhi Xiaojin, the dishwasher can automatically help you clean pots and pans and support hot-air drying, and anion bacteriostasis. It can optimize its work to give better services by identifying your habits through appointment setting.


Linkage between range hood and stove:


The integration of different electrical appliances can reduce accidents caused by neglect, improving efficiency and convenience of cooking. When you ignite the stove, the range hood will be synchronously turned on. The hood can automatically adjust its air volume according to the fire, letting you free up to focus on cooking. Intelligent large-screen range hood updates menu every day to present multiple options for food and nutrients.



▲ removable magnetic control knob with full a plate, cleaner and more convenient


With one click, the kitchen tap will be open and the kitchen waste will be cleaned. Press the remote switch of food disposal machine, and the tap water will flow out, avoiding the occurrence that the processor idling without water, which may damage the machine and shorten the service life.


▲ Smart kitchen waste disposal


Intelligent water-purification faucet: double taps, the left out of the clean water for washing vegetables and fruits, the right out of pure water that can drink directly. The aperture indicates water quality, blue for healthy water, and yellow for waiting.


▲ intelligent water-purification faucet, more space-saving and easier to change its filter element


▲ intelligent water purifier


Yading 3: a kitchen with the most interactive value.

By integrating washing area, operation desk, cooking area, and built-in electrical cabinets, Yading 3 achieves clear space division, adequate functional configuration, and seamless generatrix. By virtue of rich and powerful functions, it builds an intelligent kitchen appliance ecosystem to create a simpler, more practical kitchen for the user.



▲ Yading 3

Since the establishment of Golden Home 20 years ago, it always adheres to independent technological innovation. Since 2012, it has successively launched a series of smart kitchen products, accumulating valuable experience in the research and development of smart products. In the future, Golden Home will commit to innovation on the road of intelligent technology application. It is dedicated to exploring more solutions to smart home and providing more user-friendly services to an increasing member of families.